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Originally Posted by crumbs View Post
Well said. Just because a religion preaches something doesn't mean it's moral or right by the standards of modern society. In my opinion, the words and doctrine of a book written thousands of years ago have very little relevance in the modern world. If you want to support freedom of circumcision on religious grounds (and start quoting Constitutional Rights), you'd better support people's right to stone women and decapitate homosexuals, too.

Simply put: let's keep the discussion to the topic at hand and not muddy it with idiotic claims of anti-semitism. The fact is the overwhelming majority of people worldwide find male circumcision an abhorrent practice. Despite what many want to believe, the US is not the mouthpiece for humanity at large, and are very much in the minority for their obsession with circumcision.
Well said yourself. We can look on the upside of the cut-happy culture in the the present, statistics vary, but anywhere between 35-50% are being circumcised today, and as the states defund it from medicare [in its various forms] the rate will go down. Hopefully it'll be equalized under the law and made federally illegal. It's probably naive to hope so as most lawmakers are upper middle class circumcised white males. It'll happen eventually.
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