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I don't know if this is where i post this or not

Okay as I mentioned before, i been in pro suicide, pro self harm and pro ana sites, as well as cutting buddy chats. Sparing you guys the sadististic manner of those places i will say it's because of them I still have self worth issues and find it vary hard to trust help sites. i still find myself trying log back on now and then. If my friend hadn't chaned my passwords I probably be on a different site being told how uslessles i am. I don't understand why I want to go back. They get to know you on nearly an intimate level but thats only to make there words hurt so they can get results. Its not a real friendship and I didn't see that untill last week. They would tell me that people who don't want me to cut are just trying to manipulate me. Thats the only thing i can get away with saying here. Everything they said made me tariffed to use a crisis number in fear of cops getting called. They convinced me any help site is just there to brainwash people. Ironic isn't it.

There the reason i feel I always feel I deserve someone yelling at me. I deserve every insult i get. I'm not good enough and I can't make my self better because im to far broken. I my life waiting for the day i just didn't wake up. They told me to how deep and how many and i seen it as the punishment indeserved for existing..

It's confusing not being on there and being told not to do anything anymore.

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