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Well, what they say about most any other major disease like cancer or alcoholism is that denial is the first sight. And after that everything you said kinda points to depression. Just my opinion. I was recently diagnoses with it to. I never felt depressed, didn't act depressed. But hey we can hide and deny shit all day long right?

If nodoby to talk to then I'd suggest a counselor or a therapist. They can help with this a lot. You can also talk here to about what's going with you to.

But I think we all go through times like that at times. We could be in groups of friends and with family and feel so disconnected with they you feel like if you exploded into a ball of fire, after the initial shock, they'd all stand around and get warm by your flames and keep talking about the ballgame and the play they missed by you exploding?

Yeah, I feel like that sometimes. Not completely unusual. We all do at some point in time. And sometimes we just like to be alone to.

But if you feel that way like 24/7....that's different

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