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Default Re: **Does Penis Size Matter?**

i thought this fit the subject and it is kinda funny. my 8th grade english teacher (im going into 9th grade)
"As you get older, like in your 30's, you dont really need to use your dick. but remember this: Ladies in the room, when you get to a specific time in your high school life, this is all that will matter to you"

i thought that this was funny
my view on this is it doesnt matter. not at all. if you love the person your having sex with, then thats all that matters.

i posted this one bc i dnt know if the first time i tried posting this went through... so if there is a double i appologize

sk8r chick here!!!!!! hellz ya!!! bet u didnt knw that hu?
this chick right here = your mind blown

lol (no cockyness intended)
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