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Default Re: Best friend passed, died

Originally Posted by Mark2000 View Post
My best friend of the last 15 years of Our Lives has passed on because of a car accident. I don't really know how I feel. Me and five more of his best friends were pallbearers at his funeral today. I guess one day you're well-known and the next day they bury you. Anybody have any thoughts
I am very sorry Mark, I had one of my very best friends die in a drunk driving accident (he wasn't the one driving drunk). As a Christian for me personally, I am ready to go when my creator calls me home. For me, death is going to be a promotion and I don't want people to feel sad, not for me anyways, for I am going to be in a better place.

Whether your a believer or not, it is a reminder time is short and we are here for only a certain amount of time. we do not know when it is going to end (sadly for your friend it ended much sooner than it should, esp what you, his friends and family would have wanted). Make the most out of life and cherish your family and friends. Try to remember all the wonderful times you had and carry on his spirit as you live life. As the poster above said, there is no wrong way to mourn (as long as you do not do something destructive to you or someone else). Take as much time as you need to and in your own way.

I am really sorry to hear Mark, I know that is not something easy to go through

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