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Default Lamborghini in 5 Steps

Inspired by a post I read in a other forum, i tried to make a Lamborgini-logo myself. It took me 5 steps to result.

I thought about to create a vector graphic or just using Photoshop. Since I already had a drawn but unfinished template, I chose Photoshop.

Step 1:

I downloaded an Lamborghini-like font from the Internet

Then I drew the shield-frame for the logo and put a drawn bull into the shield also brought the lettering "in line".

At least I masked all the items, inverted the mask and filled it by using a graphite brush, the same I used to draw the bull.

I used photoshop for all the drawing.

Step 2:

I started coloring the frame, the lettering and the bull.
Later I made the inner surface darker by using an inverted mask of the merged other items.

Step 3

... here I made just some adjustments

Step 4

... could be considered as the final step, were made a cut out from the drawn Logo.

Then I used an fractal filter to finalizing the logo bei converting it into a fractalized pic

Step 5

... is all about putting the logo into a frame, which I made out of a white fabric texture combined with a colored layer several to get golden.

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