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Originally Posted by mick01 View Post
I think you need to be as honest as possible with yourself since your future depends on it. Would you have gotten the same grades on the tests if you were still living with your mom? And, do you have the same study habits at your dad's that you did at your mom's?
Study habits are a bit different at my dad's because his schedule is different, his apartment setup is different, and it's a bit overwhelming to get used to at first. But by the third week, I'd say I was doing okay. I think the reason I got such bad grades on those tests is because I was upset about being kicked out, as anyone would be in the same situation. Plus the tests were genuinely hard...they were in AP Calculus and Environmental Ed (which is an easy class, but this time around he tested us on animal vocalizations, which we had only heard like once, and we weren't expected to study them...)

If we're being honest, I'm failing calculus. But my dad seems to put a lot more effort into doing problems with me and trying to understand it WITH me, instead of just teaching me once in complicated terms and letting me loose with no more help like my stepdad at my mom's house does.

My dad also lives alone, with a low-maintenance dog and that's it. So when I'm with him, it's not like he has anything else to take care of, save for getting us both fed, and the occasional going out for a beer with a friend. But with my mom? I live in an apartment with 6 people (mom, stepdad, siblings) and 2 cats (who I'm in charge of). My 14-year-old sister is extremely mentally ill and my parents are constantly trying to keep her from throwing temper tantrums. Plus we have little ones who need attention, diaper changes, naps,'s a lot of responsibility for 2 parents. They barely have time to help me, and oftentimes I'm also helping with the little ones. It's a terrible study environment. The only place to study is the dining room table, but it's right next to the living room, where the little ones are always listening to annoying toddler music or watching Blue's Clues or something like that.

It's a lot easier at my dad's. When I'm studying, he always either helps me, or he'll use headphones if he's watching videos so he doesn't distract me. Our dining room table is small, but it's a good study space. Has a light right above it so I can see and stuff.

Also, at my mom's, I'm not allowed to cosplay (that is, dress up like fictional characters). But at my dad's, he supports my hobby. When I'm in cosplay or even just talking about it, I'm really happy. Just being allowed to do this really weird thing puts me at ease. It gives me something to look forward to. For example, after I'm done with homework, I can put on makeup and a wig and a costume and get ready for conventions and talk to my cosplay friends on Instagram and stuff! It's really good motivation fuel and I wish my mom understood WHY it makes me feel the way I do. I won't explain it all here since it's irrelevant. She just thinks it's "all I do" and it's "ruining my grades" and it's "just plain weird". Sure, it's weird, but everyone's a little weird, right? This is my niche.

So...yeah. That's a rundown of my situation right now.
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