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Default Re: Pedophile alert? (I really don't know what title I should choose)

I wouldn't even have watched his video. But since it now happened, you should at least talk to somebody about it.

A trauma needs to be worked through. Trying to forget it doesn't really help. Because we don't forget, but superimpose memories with another stuff until our consciousness has no access to it anymore.

This is called forgetting.

But just traumatic experiences can suddenly reappear through stressy constellations of any events. Even if this happens just after decades. And this video maybe the cause, of future depression and such stuff.

Mostly it's better to learn to deal with it than to forget such an experience through frequent distraction. It would be best to talk to a traumatologist about it.

But give it a time to see how you feel about it in a few days and then decide.

However, if you're a very down-to-earth guy, maybe that's not necessary either. Such things may take one or two days to bear with, but then they those folk have already overcome such an experience.

In any case, I would at least report this user to the operators of this dating site. Make it their problem.

Such people like this pedo-dude should not have any access to the internet.

"Life is that prison you'll never leave alive."

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