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Default Re: Friend is physicaly abused...

That's really a tough position to be in, you could do something to drastically change her life around (for the better, i hope), but if it doesn't work out you could also risk loosing a friend.
First of all i'd make sure that she's telling the truth. Not to say she's lying, but i used to have a friend who said every night her parents would beat her. Turns out none of it was true, and the police ended up knocking on her door for no reason.

One thing you could do is suggest therapy to her. I'm not sure what the laws are like where you live, but unless she presses charges against her mother, she can't go to jail. So having her blurt everything out in therapy wouldn't be harmful at all.
Another thing is to encourage her to stand up to her mother. Most abuse victims usually feel helpless, so being at her back encouraging her to confront her mom in a non-violent way is a lot of help.

I'm not too good in these subjects, so i'll stop there. i really hope things work out for your friend.
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