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Unhappy Re: I only have two friends....they started dating.....and Iím in love with one of th

Originally Posted by noah.whynot View Post
I agree with this, the more close time you spend with them the harder it will be for you to move on from something that sounds unlikely to work out for you.

You say that they both know you like her, but do they really or are you thinking they must because you're so in love with her how could they not know? I'd find it weird if they knew and it didn't make things awkward for them.

You also said that your friend must've known you liked her, but again, did you actually ever tell him you were interested in her as more than a friend? Even close friends can't read minds. So it doesn't sound to me like he intentionally cut you out or stepped in, it probably looked to him like you guys were just friends and then she put out there that she liked him.

As hard as it might be to hear, even if she hadn't started dating him, there's no guarantee she would've dated you if she didn't feel the same way. And even if they were to break up, she might not want to date you. Sorry, not trying to be harsh, but I think you need to step back and think about all this realistically.

It probably seems like she's the only one for you (soulmate) if you've stopped being open to other possibilities. Like NewLeafsFan said, start broadening what you do, make new friends, clubs, etc.

Hope everything works out for you!
Iíve actually told the both at different points...I told him before they started dating but it was the night that he told her he liek her...he then told me that he could tell before I told him...I then told her at a later point because I was getting really depressed and stuff...anyway I have never been good at making friends and honestly I donít know if I could even make I have no idea what to do
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