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Originally Posted by MadManic View Post
For as long as i can remember my mom has been verbally abusive. (and before you dismiss that just because it doesn't leave physical scars, verbal abuse is incredibly damaging) She took away my car last night and i finally stood up for myself for once and she just went crazy. I'm not the emotional type and honestly i haven't cried in years but i broke down. My dad tried to stand up for me a little but when my mom called him out he immediately was on her side. It was like i was the enemy. I've had enough. I'm running away. I'm saving up money, i'm packing, I'm buying a train ticket i have everything planned out. If it wasn't for my little sister i would have left a long time ago. I guess i'm selfish for this, but if i stay i WILL end up killing myself. I feel like those are my only two choices, run away or die. Obviously i can't give you a real picture of how bad this really is but I can't handle any of this anymore. I'm gone.
If you haven't run away already, how much money do you have? And also, how old are you if you don't mind me asking.

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