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Default Re: The State of P101

There are many points in this thread which are completely valid, and being that a lot of this is a very subjective matter - I am only going to speak for myself about this (without getting into specifics of what the VT Staff does behind the scenes). I fully encourage any other current or former staff member (which I have seen already) to post. I have a lot of pretty short thoughts, so a lot of what I say will be short (and a lot will be what's already been said).

- The VT Staff isn't perfect. No one claims to be, and with a lot of these topics being very subjective - what may be worth discussing to one person, may be considered inappropriate by a moderator. There are a lot of borderline topics, and staff members often ask for second and third (or more) opinions when something seems like it may go one way or another. We do communicate with each other all the time, so unless something is really obvious to one of us that it is not appropriate for VT - there may not be an immediate response. Also, please remember that (as said before) being on staff is completely voluntary, and all of us have lives other than being on VT.

- This is the internet. A place like P101 attracts all types of people, whether they are legit accounts (real teens who are who they say they are) or otherwise. There are a lot of sensitive topics and messages all over this forum, and we want to give the benefit of the doubt. Yes, there are a lot of things/people that seem "obviously" fake, but unless we can prove without a shadow of a doubt they are...we can't do much but keep an eye on them. Trust me, we keep an eye on them. We can't ban people because we think they aren't legit. Unless we have proof that will hold up against a ban appeal, someone won't be banned. Also, if we asked for proof from everyone we thought wasn't a legit account - we are bound to get egg on our face in some cases, and that isn't cool for members or the VT Staff. We can't exactly take shots in the dark.

- Like said by other former staff members - there is no such thing as over-reporting. Seriously, it's much better to be safe than sorry in a lot of cases. There is no penalty for reporting something and us disagreeing with you. Reporting is anonymous (only staff members will know), and we will never tell other members something of theirs (thread, VM, PM, picture, etc) was reported. There are days where we have one report, and there are days where we have 50 reports. They will all get looked at, addressed, and discussed. There is the possibility, of course, that a thread is reported as inappropriate and a moderator decides that it is a normal or legit question and it is ok. The only way that reporting is "bad" is if someone were to not use the report system for what it was intented - reporting something. That's a very, very, very rare thing though.

- A funny thing that no one has really pointed out (in case I missed it) is that while a lot of members think P101 is basically an inappropriate craphole that isn't moderated tough enough - there are a lot of people who think we actually over-moderate P101 and that we should let more things go than what we do. I'm not the biggest fan of the section myself, and what other people have said is very true - P101 brings the most traffic to Virtual Teen. You can see on the main page how many people are viewing the Puberty sections. Again, I can't say I am a big fan of the surveys myself (and that's a whole other rant in itself), to be honest...but once again - traffic. It's not the greatest thing, but we have the sections with the intent of legit puberty questions. While I do agree that the P101 Archive is full of absolutely disgusting inappropriate bullshit - we do need a place to put those threads. We can't punish anyone who is actually trying to help by taking away all their posts. P101 is not an easy place at all to moderate. I have been a moderator for three years, and a senior staff member for two - and I am always asking other staff members for their opinions on posts and threads.

These are just a few things I had pop in my mind throughout the day (and I may add to this). Not meaning to veer this thread off in any different direction (and if you want to discuss any of this, feel free to contact me), but I wanted to put out there that there are different ways that members and staff view things sometimes. There is actually a lot I can not answer - making different sections, forums, and the lot...that's an Admin thing Not all the people on staff are able to code, nor have access to where they could.

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