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Default Re: The State of P101

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
Mistake on the january thingy but hey. It would give the staff allot of work but it's not a terrible idea if worked out correctly and efficiently.
Are you referring to my idea I posted above here? I believe it would be useful, but it's just too much work and it probably will never happen.

Appart from keeping P101 alive, do the surveys have any other significant purposes (yes for people to learn stuff but if you've seen one you've seen all)
Every survey is slightly different, but it is generally the same time over time. I guess that in some cases it gives the OP confidence in what they are asking.

My problem is not the 13-14 year olds having to mature, it's also the older posters that can spam the threads in there which to me just seems a little weird. Would you find it weird if an 18-19 year old was talking about their semen with 13 year olds? To me it seems a bit weird.
This website is called Virtual Teen. 18/19 + year olds are just as welcome as 13/14 year olds. In some cases, older members can sort of act as 'big brother' figures and most of the older people on here do tend to act more appropriately (compared to some new younger people.

Yes new members pop up in other sections but in what quantities?
Browsing the forums, I have found a member that joined yesterday that have been posting in quite a lot of forums: the diaries, H&A, GD as well as P101.
Also preventing males from seeiing puberty for girls is definitly something that should be looked into in my opinion.
Ok, this is something I've seen on other forums, but on those it has been like that mostly since the beginning. For a 12 year old website, it would be too difficult to implement now, given the amount of currently active members. Unless there is a mod or something that automatically hides the P101 forums for the opposite gender. Of course, to add to your point, it wouldn't be fair to block boys seeing PfG if girls weren't blocked from seeing PfB.

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