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OMG IT ROCKED SO F***ING MUCH. Ill upload the pics after i develop them.
The band members are soo down to earth.... like Jared and Chris are amazing people. Like i shook hands with them afterwards and talked to em bout life and stuff. Omg they are so amazing.
Then to get stuff signed we had to be in a single file line. And ihad this really hot grl in front of me... like so amazingly hott. Were so tightly packed because people crouding for autographs. So this amazinly hot grl is infront of me and were squezzed togeather. And then after a lil bit she starts going up and down on me. Like she took her ass and went up and down on me like shes grinding. ANd i was just like WOW. Just plain old WOW. Then after a while she turns around and moves her hair off her chest and shows me her boobs in her low cut shirt and says. You think the band members will sign my boobs. and im just like Yeah, def.


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