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Originally Posted by KillerKing View Post
If I'm gonna do it. I'll do it... and get caught in a cycle of regretting it, hating myself, getting over it and then doing it again. I just needed to vent.
I know you've said you only needed to vent and don't want anyone to tell you to stop but I'm not, esentially it's your own choice whether you continue or not we're just here to help you in the right direction. Whether that's the one you pick is up to you.

Firstly, you've found the cause of what's making you want to harm yourself; stress. That's always the thing to look for when trying to stop. If you want to you can now look for alternatives to either prevent yourself from stressing so much or distract you from wanting to harm yourself when you do. Now we know the first isn't likely to happen because of your big workload however maybe by orgianising yourself better you can prevent the stress from building up. It's difficult but if you made a rota of when you were going to study, what you would get done during that time which you would then be able to tick off once you had completed it then it wouldn't be left until the final few days. This will take a lot of motivation, maybe give yourself an insentive to get it done like once you've finished ___ you allow yourself to play video games for an hour or whatever you're into.

However if you believe that that's not going to do you any good then self harm definitely isn't the way to turn to deal with stress. That's one of the reasons I started self harming 2 years ago and to this day whenever school, my parents, my friends, any small thing stresses me out I immediately turn to self harm. That's how you will end up if you continue. You could have a tiny argument with a friend and psychologically the only thing that will comfort you is drawing blood from your own skin. That's kind of sad, right?

The thing is, you know self harm is bad. You've stated that you'll most likely end up in a cycle that will repeat itself again and again yet you're willing to just go with it without even having looked at alternatives. The longer you self harm the more you'll rely on it, the deeper you'll cut and eventually you'll have so many scars that are noticable you'll feel even worse about yourself than you did when your body was 'clean'. You'll feel paranoid that people will notice, scared of taking your jumper off or wearing shorts, nervous that they'll all judge you. It will eventually ADD to the stress that started the whole thing off. Vicious cycle.

Now this can potentially be avoided if you stop, think and maybe research some alternatives. Distractions are key. If you keep your mind off it, eventually the feeling will subside. You could:
- Call or text your girlfriend
- Go for a walk or exercise
- Draw pictures or write about how you're feeling
- Draw red lines on your body to make it look like self harm
- Hold ice
- Have a shower
- Read a book
- The butterfly challenge is a good insentive to help stop and give you a reason not to continue, if you need me to explain it just tell me.

So yeah that's my essay on why you shouldn't self harm and other things you could do, even though you specified that you didn't want people to tell you to stop. I live in the UK too and it's pretty late so maybe try sleeping. You can't harm yourself when you're unconscious.
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