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Default Re: Ending my life.

You should finish school, that's for sure. You can go there, and help your dad, and go to school in the village. I think that once you change the place you live, you'll feel much better, so going to school will not be as hard.
It is essential to finish many years you have to end it?
There are schools for those who didn't finished it in time, so don't you worry about that.

I think that the best thing for you is to go and live with your father, no matter what your mother say....there you will be able to actually breath without having your mother above your head all the time...go there and think about what do you wanna do with your life, and think about a life you could have one day. I believe your father would love for you to go to school, so having him as a support could be very helpful.

You mentioned in one post you had good friends until fights started,so you can have them again. Find new will be easier if you are with your dad, because you will be feeling better and ppl will see that and be glad to hang out with you.

Hope things will turn out good for are smart and precious, and don't let anyone keep you from being the best version of yourself and accomplishing all the things you are capable of. Put yourself first and think what is the best for you and do it.

"Forgive yourself for the decisions you have made,
the ones you still call mistakes when you tuck them in at night.
And know this:
Know you are the type of woman who is searching for a place to call yours.
You have always been the place.
You are a woman who can build it yourself.
You were born to build

-Sarah Kay
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