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i agree with Bobby's post. also your "counselor" doesnt deserve that title, i think that you should let a higher up person like your principal know whats going on with your life as well as the "counselor". who knows what other problems have gone unheard of because your counselor doesnt believe anyone?

Originally Posted by jessxisxdaxshiz View Post
can u tell me what will happen if i call the police?
nobody else knows about my dad and i kinda want to keep it that way
im pretty sure itll be kept quiet, i honestly doubt itd be all over the 10 o'clock news or in your newspaper or anything unless something else happened. youll probably be brought in for questioning and so will your mother and your neighbors might be interviewed too...

but if youre being hurt then its really not worth it to keep it closed lid from everyone if you guys are being hurt

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