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Default Re: ADHD without medication

Originally Posted by otrapersonak2nosabes View Post
Ive been off my normal meds for two weeks now. It is killing my grades, putting me through hell, and causing more stress than ever. I was on a pretty low dosage for me. Because I didn't want dependency or zombieness. But it forced me to put effort into working. Now I can't focus on anything in school. I take hours to work, and I can't even hang out because I forget to plan it out. Its terrible. I recommend medicine. It helps. But you just have to try what works for you. Ive heard counciling works for severe cases. Not for me...
This is exactly how I was. EXACTLY. My grades hit the ditch which caused me stress. The original reason I didn't want to take them was exactly that - I did not want the zombieness. And indeed, I did have to put at least 10x more effort to even match other students.
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