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Default ADHD without medication

Ever since I was little, I've been really overly hyper and talkative and I have the worst time when it comes to paying attention. When I was younger I told my mom I thought I had ADHD. She said I don't that there's nothing wrong with me. Well my hyperness and inattentiveness continued through the years and has gotten worse. I can never listen to a full discussion in school, I zone out and think of other things. I can pick up bits here and there but that's it. And if you talk to me, even if I really am listening and hear you perfectly fine, sometimes I won't remember what you said even 30 seconds later. For instance my mom will give me specific instructions to make dinner when she isn't there. And I'll have to call and ask something stupid like "how much rice to water?" And we talked about it again recently and my mom definitely thinks I DO have ADHD. But she'd never medicate me for it because I get good grades and my sister was on ADHD medication as a kid and it turned her into a zombie. They say with ADHD without medication it's hard to function, what I wanna know is is there anyone else like myself who has or probably has ADHD and isn't on medication for it? How does it effect you?
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