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Default Schizophrenic younger brother.

My 13 year old brothers been at cooke children's medical center for the past few days and he was just officially diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was fine up until a couple of months ago. I remember hearing him talk about a little kid named freddy who lived in the house, and at first I thought he was just making him up, since sometimes my little sister(10 years old) would talk about him too. But then I began hearing him talking to freddy when he was alone saying things like "leave me alone" and "get off me", and seeing him put his hands up in the air and pushing away when there was nothing there, and I've realized that these are actual hallucinations and that my sister was just playing alongand pretending to see him. We have a fishtank in the livingroom that we had to get rid of because he would constantly stare at the fish inside, and I heard him talk about how thr fish were evil or that they were being too loud, even though they weren't making any noise. He also began to lose interest in all his hobboys like playing videogames and riding his bike, and now he just wants to lie in bed all day and not do anything. And whenever we take him out in public he ends up breaking down and hitting something(not people, just cars and stuff) and looking really agitated. And one time, I heard heard him mumbling to himself and asked him what was wrong and he said that he wished he didn't have ears because "they" were being too loud and that they were spying on him with his eyes. But most of the time when I ask him something he doesn't even answer. He's under observation at the hospital right now with my dad. The only time I've seen him smile in the last month is during some random bout of laughter, and that doesn't even look real. I don't know what's going to happen to him, or if my parents are even able to take care of him. My dad's a truckerdriver so he's gone half the time, and taking him out in public is risky since he might break down and start yelling and break something, which means I need to stay home with him when my mom goes grocery shopping and stuff, but I'm not
really reeven sure what to do or say if he tries to run outside because he's agitated or break something. Has anyone else had a schizophrenic relative before. Any advice?break something.

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