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Default Re: Poll: Girls - Infant Circumcision

Originally Posted by maddogmj77 View Post
No. There is a difference between peacefully dipping a baby's head in water. . .


There are 0 proven health advantages over proper cleaning. That argument is null.

Why are you not okay with Female circumcision, but okay with Male circumcision?
They're both religious traditions, they're both painful, they both have 0 proven medical benefits, they're both unnecessary.
What's the difference?

The ONLY difference is that Male Circumcision has become accepted in society because it has such a long history.
We rejected Female Circumcision because it was not part of American's Christian religious traditions.
I'm honestly not trying to be rude but you need to look this up with credible sources. I am actually quoting the American Academy of Paediatrics.

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