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Default Re: Poll: Girls - Infant Circumcision

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
Also, you mentioned "social thing". How exactly does that differ from religion? Note that religion is part of culture, and even if we establish that female circumcision is not related to religion (which I believe that, in most cases, it is), what about the freedom I have to participate and celebrate my culture? If it's a cultural thing, shouldn't I have the right to celebrate it and have my daughter also be part of it? (we can compare this to the Indian bindi, for instance).
Why? Because as I have stated more than once in posts under this thread, female circumcision is entirely different. You're comparing apples and orange.

Male circumcision has been done since well before common era as a sacrament of marking Jews as followers of or descendents of followers of Abraham. For a brief time many religions encouraged it because they believed it prevented masturbation which is false because contrary to current popular believe it does not make masturbation any less pleasurable. There are also believed to be many health benefits that are minimal but enough the the American Academy of Paediatrics has stated that the benefits of it outweigh the risks.

Female circumcision has no health benefits and is very dangerous. Many females have bleed to death from the procedure as the risks are much higher than male circumcision. It is common by several tribe groups in the middle east because they do not believe that females should be able to experience sexual pleasure. The surgery is usually carried out without any form of anaesthesia in unsafe environments such as the outdoors. The procedure involves removing the entire clit and other parts. The clitoris is the main area where females experience sexual sensations. Cutting it off would be comparable to removing the entire penis and possibly part of the scrotum.

This is the last time that I will respond to anything related to female circumcision under this thread as that isn't what the thread was intended to debate. If anyone has any trouble seeing the difference between the two I recommend that you do more surgery or go see your doctor to get your head examined.

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