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Default Re: Poll: Girls - Infant Circumcision

Originally Posted by EvaNL View Post
Which deity wants its subjects to get a piece of their body cut off? Of children who have no idea of religion whatsoever nonetheless. Without their consent. It is an idea made up by people, not by any deity.
Really, how stupid can people be?

If there is a medical problem, yes, fix it. I have no problem with that.

Religious freedom.. what a farce. What if I believe ("my deity tells me") that I have to cut off a finger from any non-believer.. because of "religious freedom" I should be able to do that.
People who circumsize boys at birth do the same: they cut off a part of someone's body who is a non-believer.

I don't care what people believe in. People can believe whatever they want. THAT's religious freedom.
Cutting off someone's bodypart is NOT.
It's called Judaism. I guess you've never heard of it.

Originally Posted by maddogmj77 View Post
@Living For Love

Religious Freedom DOES NOT MEAN "I can do whatever I want in the name of my religion."

That idea has been ruled by the supreme courts over & over again:
  • An employer is not allowed to deny birth control because of "religious beliefs."
  • A parent is not allowed to sacrifice their child even though "god told me to."
  • Religious Racists (KKK) are not allowed to make black people slaves even though "God intended it that way"
  • A parent is not allowed to mutilate a child, starve, or physically hurt them in any other way, even if it's a "religious tradition".
  • A person is not allowed to kill or harm anyone "in the name of god".

You do NOT have a "constitutional right" to chop off parts of baby's dicks.
Or maybe I just missed that line in the constitution somewhere. . .
Clearly you did. It's a sacrament, not a sacrifice. In the eyes of both religion and the law its few as the same as baptism.

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