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Default Re: Cant get to sleep

1. Melatonin is a medication wth very few side effects identified. It is supposed to make you sleepy. I have never tried it, but 3,cousins use itt & have had extremely good results. It comes in nasal sprays, tablets, & even gummies. Did not see your age, but it might be a good thing to discuss with them.
2. Masturbating? Many males get very tired after masasturbation or sex, & drift off to sleep more easily afterward.
3. This one might sound screwy, but works best for me. It is a bit of relaxation techniques combined with guided imagery.

For me, that relaxation in your situation means mentally instructing each muscle to relax & waiting a few moments before moving onto the next muscles. I lay ok my back & start from my scalp & work down to my toes, talking slow,deep breaths. This should take about 10-15 minutes, but Yogis make it last for hours.

The guided imagery part is fun. After the relaxation part is fun. Since I feel lifeless, I guide myself toward an image of me flying. Not sipping around like Superman, but hovering so special event in my life. Example: my dad bought me MLB baseball tickets a few years ago- just dad & me. We had a great time. So, I might decide to hover over the stadium, watching the game, but also finding my dad & I, with our third based tickets. I mentally "watch" as much as I need, then fly home- of course my body never actually left the bad. I'm sleepy, full of ballpark nachos, hot dogs & such. Then I drift off to sleep.

My point with this llooonnnggg story is that your mide can do amazing things, it you allow it to do so.

Sorry for the long post. If I can help by providing detail, By PMing you through one of these experiences, just PM me.

Take care,

As always, Google is an excellent resource. Skip the first things that are identified as an [ad] advertisement, Mayo Clinic & WebMD good resources. Plz don't use Wikipedia.

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