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Default Do i have OCD??

I dont really know whether i have OCD or not but here are a list of the things that make me think that i do.

- My jeans leg's must always look the same on each side. I always reach down every few minutes if they are not at equal length and re-ajust them.
- Everynight when i go to bed, if i think about any religion at all, i have to pray to God! This is strange because i am not a very holy/religious person.
-I always feel the need to look at myself in the mirror to make sure my appearance is the same each day.
-I always need to wear socks. If i am not wearing them, even if i am just hanging around at home, i need to put them on. Otherwise i cant concentrate on anything properly.
- I always need to look at my hands. I might be at school writing something down, or at home on the computer and i just feel the need to look at my hands.
- Every night i feel the need to listen to my ipod for at least 5 minutes. If i dont, then i can't get to sleep as fast as usual.



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