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Default Re: Some advice please? Including SUI and SA

Originally Posted by TheLimitOfMySkin View Post
Hey! This is my first post here and I'm in need of some advice. So I guess I'll start my story. I was bullied in first grade, by a girl who physically and mentally hurt me. This continued until the beginning of third grade when she was kicked out of the school. This took a late toll on my thinking and I wanted to die. But about a month into third grade I met a girl who was new to the school. She was so pretty and I admired her. I now realize that she was copying what I looked like, she dyed her hair, wore clothes similar to mine, and even drew on fake freckles. After she went through that change she started bullying me and on many occasions, told me to jump off the school roof. So I tried jumping out of a tree, I only hit my head, and never informed my parents. She had to move before forth grade and I thought I was saved! Nothing else happened until my year of sixth grade. There was a creepy male in my class, I'll call him V. V flirted with all the girls in my class, even me. But he took it too far, he started to touch my during our classes together. I felt so disgusting, I hated living. I tried to overdose, but I only ended up falling asleep. I don't think l took enough. So instead of risking it again, I started to cut. I cut my thighs, feet, and rarely my wrists. I hadn't told anyone but a few extremely close friends. Before my seventh grade year though, I moved away due to my parents divorce and went to a new school. Everyone at this school was nice and cared for me deeply. I hadn't stopped cutting and now I'm going into my eighth grade year. I tried to overdose once again this summer, but was unsuccessful. I should've taken more than 3 pills. Cutting always bumps my anxiety though to the point where my heart is racing, I feel alert 24/7, I have hot flashes that last an hour or so, fear, nausea, chills, chest pain, and hyperventilation. I'm thinking about telling my school counselor this same story. I would like to know your opinion on what I should do, because I'm nervous about this. I carve words that I was often told into my skin, such as idiot, stupid, jump, and weak. I feel like this is my way of reaching out. Thank you for reading this and I hope you'll give your opinion.
Talk to your counselor. Just be prepared for your parents to find out since they may tell them. I was ruthlessly bullied, told to die, etc in 6th and some of 7th grade. If you tell your counselor they will try their best to support you. And did you try to OD on sleeping pills..?
Please get help school doesn't have to be as horrid as it has been for you in the past.


If you need anything I'm here.
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