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Default Re: OCD or badly superstitious?

My mother and fathers siblings all seem to have at least one type of mental illness each. OCD is a common symptom in my fathers side and very very bad addiction problems are on both sides. The problem is that these problems have caused all their siblings to pretty much not be allowed in our lives (Because they are some screwed up people) so I'm pretty sure that's why my mom refuses to believe anything could be wrong with me. I fear that Self-Harm may be part of whatever the problem is because it goes along the thought process of "I have to do this to keep this from happening" often times.

I've seen how my mother reacts to anyone being mentally sick. It's not pretty and it's the reason why I fear ever letting her know my fears of anything along those lines. I know exactly what she would tell me, "It's just hormones" or "Your just going through a phase(Note that this would be one hell of a long phase-all my life)" or "You think I have the money to afford to take you to a doctor to tell you your just overreacting?"

Yeaah. I can deal with it alone. =P

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