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Default Re: OCD or badly superstitious?

Originally Posted by LoveLikeWinter View Post
Weird. I still prefer to claim I'm way over-the-top superstitious. Claiming a fear of OCD would bring my mother to figurativly beat me with the "No one in this household has any sort of sickness!" stick. It's been a problem of mine for quite some time only originally it was just that I absolutely HAD to touch something that I've looked at for more than a second. If I would walk away without doing so it would eat at me and I would end up having to run back and do so. I'm a bit better about it now, though.
These days my bathroom is littered in half-used bottles of body wash that I can not use because if I don't use the specific one then the next day will go completely wrong. Whats worse is the stupid body wash I do use isn't even a good brand...Uhg.
FML much? lol.

Thanks btw.
Definitely an FML A lot of parents will put away the stick if you simply give them time. Tell your mom what you've told us and that it's interfering with your daily life and you'd like to see a doctor. She may deny it at first, but eventually most parents come around after they've had some time for it to really sink in.

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