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Default Re: Would this be considered a multiple account?

Originally Posted by CaptainObvious View Post
There is no turning away. Our policy is entirely compatible with a person with DID being able to participate, it will merely require a small amount of effort on their part to allow both personalities to share the account.
And if one personality is antagonistic, changing the password so the other(s) can't access it?

Originally Posted by CaptainObvious View Post
And, as fun as this discussion has been, it is becoming increasingly less productive. As much as I hate to make pronouncements ending debates, I think both the policy here and the rationale for its specifics have been made rather clear and other than continuing to debate it, there is no ground left to cover here, so I'll take my leave.

I appreciate that, but I still don't have an understanding of how the issues I've raised fit under the current system, so I'll wait for an admin to fill in the gaps.

Also, for those who think I'm raising this issue for a ridiculous minority, 1% of the adult population of Canada has DID. Source. Unfortunately, I can't find statistics for adolescent population.

If you ever need to talk, you can PM me. I can't promise I'll solve your problem but I'll do my best to help.
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