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Default Re: I always feel alone.

Originally Posted by Aquila View Post
I used to think that, that I'd find someone, but now im really not sure.
That girl I mentioned, I used to be so close to her, but then I ruined it. I wanted to be with her so badly, I tried to convince her that she should leave her boyfriend for me. When she didn't, i got clingy and paranoid that i was losing her, and that made everything fall apart. Ive been so alone since then. I used to be okay without having a girlfriend, because I thought of myself as a "good guy" who would be great with someone, I just hadnt found that person. But I tried to ruin my best friends relationship, and that makes me a terrible person. I hate people who do that, and i was one of them. Maybe im better off alone, i wont hurt anyone.

You will find someone. I would always say that to myself but in reality, there'll be some people that you meet in life that will love you and and you'll be happy with. For some people it's really hard but towards the end of the day, you just have to be optimistic or at least keep your mind off the big negatives.

Shit happens when we feel like our world is falling apart. We do everything that seems necessary and we make mistakes. Don't beat your self up for it though. You're human. You should try and talk to here and explain to her that you were only scared that you might lose her. And that you didn't mean to try and ruin her relationship.

Again, you'll find that person. It takes time and you're not alone on this either. You're not a terrible person. You recognized your mistakes and that shows you're mature and you'll learn from your mistake.
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