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Question I always feel alone.

I'm 18 years old, ive never had a girlfriend, never been kissed, never been on a date or any of that, and i constantly feel alone. I used to be so much happier a few months ago, but now everythings changed. I used to be close friends with one girl, but lately weve fallen out, and shes moved on with her life. I miss having someone to talk to, who shares everything with me, and i can share with them. I do have other friends, but i cant be that intimate with them. All i want is someone who i can affectionate with, and who i can always talk to. Ive never felt like ive really been that cared for, everyone i have been close to has others they are much closer with. I used to be really optomistic, I could see the big picture, and I thought I would definately have a happy life. Now, my best friend wont talk to me because she doesnt like what ive become. Everytime i see her look at me in that way, i doubt myself, and i beat myself up. I dont know what i should do, i dont want to feel so alone.
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