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Smile Re: Masturbation for 13 year olds

Originally Posted by RockerChic View Post
i dont reely know how to masturbate exept for with a massager and i only do it like twice a month im afraid ppl will catch me doing it help!!!
Don't be affraid! If you have any place where you can lock yourself in the room and know nobody can come in, then do it there. Whether it be a bathroom or bedroom, or even in the shower! In the shower you're almost guarenteed not to get caught (unless you moan) because first of all nobody should come in, and second, you'll be behind a curtain if someone does come in. Sometimes I forget to lock the door to the bathroom when I shower, and my parents come in, but I just continue masturbating, because they can't see me behind the cutain - and they don't know cause I'm quiet. As for techniques, try using your hands. If you find it rubs to hard use your spit as a lubricant, and rub wherever you like down there. Many girls rub in circular motions arround - or on top of - the clitoris which is located above your vaginal opening. Or you could even go for inserting one or two fingers directly into your vaginal opening! Whatever feels best for you is good. Females have endless possibilities compared to males, so I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out. Good luck
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