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Default Re: Masturbation for 13 year olds

Well, I'm 13 and I'm rite into Mastabating. Ive been doing it since I was at least 4. I love it, it REALY Relieves Tension for Me. My Mum know I Mastabayt and she says that after I Mastabayt I seem a lot calmer. If I get Cranky or Uptite Mum tells me to Go to My room and Mastabayt for a while.
I do it AT LEAST 4 or 5 times a day. I also wake up during the night and Mastabayt ..... It helps me get back to sleep. I Mastabayt as soon as I wake up inthe morning.

I Think MOST Girls Mastabayt Knowingly, at least 90%. However, ALL GIRLS MATABAYT ..... Some of them Just Don't Realise. A lot of Girls move around on the chair rubbing their thighs together because it FEELS GOOD ... Well, 'Duh' ... That's MASTABAYTING.

I Mastabayt ANYWHERE I can. I Do It in BED at Nite and Every Morning. I Do It in the car without anyone knowing. I Do It on the School Bus while I hold my School Case on my lap. I Do It In Class when nobody is looking. I Do It in the School Toilets. I Do It while I'm Swimming. Thats just a Few Places I Mastabayt.

SEASHELL (Chelsea) age 13

(this is suppose to be a quote)

can i just ask how can u masterbate while u swim?
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