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This poem is one of my darkest poems which yearns for freedom of teenagers and creative people, I pushed in a lot of inner meaning and almost made it a log of my feelings. It's a conversation between an angry old man and a young teenage boy.

‘The whip is what I often use
to set the swan down my way,
for he is defiant and unwilling
to listen to everything I say.’

‘There’s a reason, dear master,
that the swan has great wings:
whilst you can’t fly and he can,
can you know what he thinks?’

‘Cut off the wings, I’d suggest ye,
for then the swan shall know,
how it feels to be earth-bound,
how to reap what we sow.’

‘But he’s not you, he’s a bird,
and you here are a mortal man,
as nature did not act on this part
please tell me how you can.’

‘What do you know of swans?
You think you know, little boy?
I’ll tell you how vain is freedom,
I’ll tell you the truth of joy.’

‘Though you’re old, you’re unwise,
he needs freedom, can’t you see?
And ask me not how I know,
for that swan is me.’


Out of the Great Sea I have come to you now at the turn of the tide,
and here I will abide until the end of days.

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