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Default Obsessed with checking weight.

I absolutely had no clue where to post this, so I put it here.

Is it normal to check your weight every day? I mean, as soon as I get up, as soon as I get home from school, and before I go to bed. I've also got into the habit of measuring my waist with a measure. Every day, I check my BMI to see if it's changed at all or if I've lost weight (I'm in the 85th percentile for my height, weight and age).

It makes me feel so insecure because there are stick thin girls walking around saying they were as skinny as me and it makes me feel like crap because I know I weigh a lot more than they do, and they're prettier than I am. People say I look like I've lost weight, when in true fact I've piled on maybe half a stone because I've been eating so much recently.

When I eat, I always ask for the amount of calories it has and I check the wrappers on everything for the calories and the amount of fat and sugar. There are some days where I eat around 2500 calories and others where I eat around 1200 to 'repent' because I ate so much the times before.

It's gotten to the point where I'm constantly asking people if I look like I'm too big for my clothes or I'll be like "hold on, I'm just weighing myself". To be honest I start to feel withdrawal symptoms and I'll feel really ill and get upset/depressed if I don't check my weight as often as I do, I mean like 3 times a day is the bare minimum for me. Is there anything I can to do fix this?
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