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Default Re: Shaving survey (For boys)

0. How old are you? | turned 20
1. How deep into puberty are you? | pretty close to the end, still getting hairier, hoping to get a little taller and thin out a little and ger rid of this baby fat or whatever... And yeah if my voice would stop cracking and sound like a real adults that would be cool too
2. Where you from? | Ohio
3. Sexual orientation? ("Not sure"'s valid) | straight-curious
4. How big's your dick? (flaccid / erect) - How thick? | 6 long 5.25 around
5. How big are your balls? How much do you cum? | I guess my balls are pretty average, I cum a decent amount
6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hairy are you generally? | 8
7. When did you start growing hair? | 11
8. Where and how much? | legs, I had very furry legs by the time I was 12
9. From 1 to 10, how hairy are your:
- Legs | 10
- Arms | 3 but the hair is still light
- Armpits | 4
- Ass | 5, only in between crack
- Belly | 7, have a thick trail but it is starting to spread ojt
- Chest | 3-4had nipple hair and now in the center, it is starting to spread up and across pecs
- Face | 3, could grow moustache or goatee, sideburns. Cheeks and jaw are still sparse
10. Have you ever shaved? What age did you first, and what part of your body? Yeah my legs because I was self conscious having hairy legs at 11. I leave them alone now though... I just shave my face and nipples
11. Do you shave / trim now? Where? | I shave face and nipples, trim very little on the pits, and manscape the pubes
12. What do you use to shave / trim? | razor for shave, electric clippers for trimming
13. Do you prefer natural hairy pubes or shaved / trimmed? | trimmed
14. Why? | still looks manly but neat, plus keeping it shot near my dick makes it look a little bigger
15. Would you shave your whole body? Why? | probably not, maybe if I was really bored or something... Hut yeah it would take forever to do my legs alone haha.
16. How hairy are your friends and what do they do? | I am pretty much the hairiest, most have pretty hairy legs now, but no real chest hair but maybe they shave too
17. Have you wished to be hairier or less hairy and why? | at first I wanted to be less because I didn't like having hairy legs in the 5th grade. But now I am pretty ok with what I have, I could do without nipple hair, getting used to having it on my chest, I dont want a ton on my chest though, and I hope I dont get too much more on my stomach, I like having just a trail... If the trail wants to get darker and thicker that's ok... I wish my pit hair was darker and thicker/curlier... And call me crazy but I would be cool with even more leg hair.
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