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Default Re: Please listen to me

Life is not always easy. Heck a lot of times it can just suck or bring you down. Often there will be difficulties. In the past for me, a lot has happened, and there were times when I just wasn't sure where everything was headed or whether it was even worth continuing. But life, despite its downs, is amazing, and I am very happy that I just kept going despite everything going against me. I hope you can find the strength to do the same. Right now it may be tough for you and very depressing, and you feel as if there is nowhere left to turn to, nobody left to talk to, nothing left to live for. I know the feeling. But also know that there are people that love you and care about you, that there is a lot more to look forward to in your life if you can just stay strong and pull through this. My advice is to keep your friends close. Talk to them about how you're feeling. Talk to your mother too about how you're feeling. Let them in on this. It's tough to keep on going when you're alone. Don't keep pushing people away - let them try to help you and listen to you.

The two users above me have graciously offered to listen to what you have to say, why not take them up on it? I would also be glad to listen to you and talk with you if you would like. Please shoot me a message or write on my wall anytime you want. I don't know much about you, beyond the small tidbits you posted here, but you seem like a kind and caring brother and son. You sound like someone who has a lot to live for but that is currently struggling with a train wreck of different worries and stresses and problems that unfortunately collided into each other all at the same time. I'd like talk with you and listen to what you have to say. It doesn't have to be me though, if you don't want. Other users here have offered the same as well. But if nobody on VT, then I hope you can find someone to talk to. I wouldn't try to go at this alone. Life sucks when you're alone.

Good luck, man.
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