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Default Re: Transgender girl, am I welcome here?

Originally Posted by Bunnyprincess View Post
Hmm, I'd suggest allowing transgender people to post in the sections that correspond with their gender, but still not allow boys to post in the girl section or vice versa. Maybe if you need there could be a rule that transgender people be on hormones to post in the gendered sections, so they are going through the respective puberty?
Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
While in theory it's a good idea, and I think it should be possible, there's one big problem.

How do we know after allowing this there won't be a lot of people claiming to be both transgender and on hormones just for the purpose of posting in the puberty forum of the other gender? It's no secret there are a lot of fake acounts posting in P101 so I feel like this rule, while being a good idea, would increase this problem.

I do agree with you that it should be possible, because to me it's also a matter of respect. I think it's a shame this may potentially increase the amount of of creeps though, it really makes me sad.
I'll respond to both of these:

I was inclined to do what you're suggesting, @Bunnyprincess. My hesitation is not for the reason @The Special One gives, although that is valid (I dismissed it as not a primary concern because if people want to lie about their sex/gender to post in the incorrect forum, they're already doing that anyway, regardless of our rule about trans people). My concern was that it would be horribly intrusive of us, as staff, to personally verify with people whether or not they're on hormones and, subsequently, whether or not they're eligible to post in the section that corresponds to their gender but not their sex. It also seems exclusionary - a girl is no less a girl because she isn't on hormones and a boy is no less a boy because he isn't on hormones.

But I might be treating the matter with a little excess sensitivity. What are your thoughts? @Desuetude @Bunnyprincess and anyone else who would like to participate in this discussion.

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