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Default Re: Would this be considered a multiple account?

Would two accounts by two people in the same house automatically be banned? If not, I don't see how the potential for multiple accounts is that much greater.

Originally Posted by Goose View Post
This is what is stated from the announcement. This is to be strictly adhered by. There are no exceptions. Multiple accounts are not allowed regardless.

Rules here state otherwise. There have been too many multiple accounts this year for anyone to be exempt even if they were twins or not.
My point is that two different personalities are not the same member. As such, it's permissible under your own rules.

Originally Posted by Goose View Post
That is not the case with this. The person has a multiple personality disorder and there is no justifiable cause for a multiple accounts seeing as they are the same body.
Yes, there is, as I have outlined.

Originally Posted by Goose View Post
So one account bends the rules, then what happens with the others? That have this problem? Should they be allowed to have 2 accounts too?
Not bending the rules. Just not discriminating against two different people because they share a body.

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