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Default Re: Would this be considered a multiple account?

Originally Posted by Sith Lord 13 View Post
Mea culpa. I meant conjoined twins. I misspoke. They share a body, yet are clearly not the same person. Would they be prohibited from having separate accounts?

Speaking as someone who has studied DID from a professional viewpoint, I can't see the reasonable justification for it. Look at the situation here one person did not have the other's account password. Does that mean that person is prohibited from posting? Also, it means the admins have to make a judgment call as to who's the alter and who's the main, if the main even posts here. In either case, how do you decide who's account gets merged into who's?

I'm just saying that a body does not define a man. It is his thoughts and actions. His spirit, his anima that defines him.

Just a disclaimer: I'm not arguing it, just looking to understand, and maybe stir a little discussion. Never bad to get people thinking about mental health and the stigmas associated there in.
This. The issues I raised here are what's unclear to me. Or, I should say, how the policy accounts for these issues is what's unclear to me.

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