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Question Re: I WANNA BE THIN

sorry to re open ths or what ever its just i have a few questions ,
kiros u said to eat carbs, do you have to is there smething i can eat instead, its just i have this ok i no its odd but i have afear of carbs, and im sure that they will make me gan weight not lose it, i cant stand eating them, is there anthing else i can eat?
also, what does lean meat mean?
and with the exercising i try to run but i cant breath after a few mins, i get sharpe pains (not stiches) under my heart and in the top side of my ribs, and i also get stiches any idea how to stop either of those occuring as they are the only reason i cant run for longer

i will try the eating thing u suggested and see how it goes, how long do u think till i start losing weight? i wanna lose about 13 pounds ideally, as i have gained that recently and am feeling bad about it, i HAVE to get it off, but i guess any is good, and i have all winter,
alotta ppl at school are doin this crash 3 day diet to lose weight atm, its ment for obese ppl who have to lose sme wieght so they can have an heart operation, is it a good idea or not?
also does a good ice skating session count as fat burining or not? i do that once a week and work hard, just wondering if that counted,
oh and should i do the walking once a day or more?

any relpy would b a lotta help thanks cya x
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