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Default question

I know an older guy that has Schizophrenia and about a year ago I was over at his place to help him fix some things I ask him about where some of the parts and supplys were I didn't think he heard me so I ask him again the next thing I knew he was hitting me in the face and the chest. I got away from him and after I was outside about to leave he called for me I turned around to see what he wanted and he did it again. so I told him to go get Fucked and turned and walked away before I got to the street he ask if I was comming back to finish fixing the water leak.

After spending some time here reading info and posts I am starting to feel guilty about walking off...should I go back an appologize I mean I know he aint right hell I'm not right either I got Bi polor and some times way over react what should I do ???
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