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Default Re: How can I tell one of my parents I have anxiety?

I can't edit my post... But my GAD includes hypnophobia, fear of sleep/going to sleep. This has only appeared recently, as in within the last month. But it's getting worse by the day, I've gone so many nights sleepless, and the problem is I'm a person who needs a LOT of sleep. I can stay up for probably 36 hours before my body forces me to fall asleep, which takes most other people 96+ hourse. I'll fall asleep sitting in a chair and have amnesia of the last 12 hours before I slept and sometimes have no idea where I am when I wake up. My hypnophobia is mostly--for whatever reason-- a fear of dying in my sleep, and obviously this has only presented itself quite recently, while the majority of my GAD has been going on for nearly two years.

As far as I can tell, this is one of the more serious cases of anxiety. However, I'm not sure. I really always figured those bullshit things like CBT wouldn't work in my case, and obviously they haven't...
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