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Default Re: murderous thoughts / the true hell of pure O

Well first off welcome to VT! Glad to see new faces.
As for your problem I am not a medical professional but I would just try to keep all weapons away from you because it would be bad if you took one into your hands.

As for your thoughts, I am not sure how to address it other than for you to just stay positive. Continue doing the activities you love. If you can remain positive and happy mentally then maybe you can curve the trend and frequency of the thoughts you are having. I am not sure what is causing these thoughts so it may not work but it seems that it would be by some type of sub-conscience kind of deal. So stay positive and happy.

Also, my advice would be to continue to seek medical attention. I don't think that treatments and other things will help as much as appointments with psychiatrists. I think you just need someone to talk to about this condition openly.

I hope this helped you. Good luck

~Laura was here~
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