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Default Re: The Stigma Needs To Stop.

Originally Posted by Sweeney05 View Post
I want to start by saying that I'm new here. My name is Ben. Hello everybody!

I feel like society kind of turns a blind eye to depression and mental illness in young teen. Well, it gets a bad rap across every age group but I feel especially so with us teens. I feel like societies view is, "They're just a bunch of kids. What do they have to be depressed about?'

But depression doesn't always work that way. I have had a very happy childhood. But I've had a lot of issues I've had to deal with. I cry myself to sleep many nights, and quite often I don't even know why. I had it in my head once that I was going to kill myself. I had gotten up and gotten ready for school. My plan was to skip school and head down to the train tracks. But just as I was about to leave, my dad came up to me, hugged me, and told me he loved me. This was really odd for him. He's really not the affectionatel type. It's actually the only time I can remember him telling me he loved me. So he must've known something was up with me; and it was like a mental kick it the guts. It winded me. It helped clear my mind, and stopped me from going through with it. I still have to fight the thoughts.

The stigma around depression and mental health in general needs to stop.
In our modern world, society has always failed the youth. It does need to end, and the only way to do that is to broadcast it. To illuminate society of the pain and suffering teens and even children go through at times.

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