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Default Re: i dont know whats wrong with me

What medications are you on? If they are noradrenergic like SNRIs - for example Venlafaxine or stimulants like Concerta, Adderall and Vyvanse it could aggrivate agression. Those kind of medication generally has the listed side effect of "anxiety" but "anxiety" is just introverted "agression". It's all part of the same fight or flight adrenergic mechanism.

It could also be something you are unhappy with in your life that you "take out" on smaller matters.

There are medications for managing agression but those are nasty ones just intended to keep hospitalized mentally ill people "managable" like haloperiodol with horrible side effects.

If you are on stimulants, try to go off stimulants for a while. Not all ADD/ADHD people benefit from stimulants.
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