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Default I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do

Just wanna say sorry idek where to put this but I was like hey I have anxiety depression and possibly an eating disorder so I'll put it here.

A lot of people say they don't understand when people call them pretty but I feel like to me it's on a completely different level. I think I was pretty as a toddler. I was given more attention than most babies. Great I see it. But I've always been called pretty and beautiful and not just by my parents lol. None of my friends personally have but oddly I get it often. I have never understood what people see. I feel like they're lying or blind. And I was just told last week I should get into modelling. I don't even know how to compute that! I feel like this is coming off as more than a complaint, but I legitimately can't even acknowledge because I truly don't get it. I'm dumbfounded and not really sure what to do. I convince myself they have low standards and ignore it and rely on the fact that my friends don't tell me I'm pretty and that's that. Idek what to do honestly. And this isn't just some "just focus on your positives" type of thing. I don't see positives.

Honestly idek what this post is but has anyone had similar experiences? I don't even have a problem it's just constantly on my mind and idek what to do with the thought
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