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Default Re: A robot in the elevator

I've been trying to expand my emotions, and I think it works sometimes, but it's never as fluid or comfortable as other peoples. It feels like someone's jamming two non matching pieces of a puzzle together. My parents are pretty sure nothing's wrong with me, and maybe there isn't and it's just hormones. I don't think I'll be going to a therapist.
I tell myself that I stay connected to all sorts of people, but not truly connected, to like you said gain valuable insight. I like seeing how other people are.
But I'm very quiet, and I screw up my words when I try talk. They think me weird, awkward and uncomfortable, so leave me alone... I get nervous to speak even more 'cause I worry about what they'll counter it with, even if they're not there. Everyone seems to talk so much shit about everyone else, many of whom are amzing people, and then there's me. They'd be saying much worse about me.
Not useless advice: thanks for replying. I'll keep trying.
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