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Default Re: almost attention seeking

Originally Posted by Tayler View Post
Just Tim, she means that she hasnít felt the attention that she knows she deserves from family and friends so she uses sexuality to get that. Unfortunately many girls do this, guys too of course.

Bella, Iím so sorry youíre going through this. I havenít and will not forget you. I have a great time talking g to you when we chat. I hope you feel that you can message me any time. As far as advice, I think you need to tell your parents how you feel. When you say you seek attention from parents, what do you mean exactly? If you want to talk in a pm we can do that

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sometimes I'm just irritating. like randomly saying hi or just getting their attention. it irritates me! like my mom will be watching tv and I'll just be like "HI MOM WHATCHA DOING?" *umm I'm watching tv as you can see* "do you want me to make you dinner" * no I already ate, thanks* "are you sureeee?" * yes I'm good* "but are you positive?" * {eye roll}* ....."HEY NOAH (my puppy) YOUR SO CUTEEE!" "mom isn't he so cute?!" * huff yes you ask me everyday*

im Isabella!! im 16 and I'm very social!PM me if you want! I love PMs! go ahead!Pop me a random question or just say hi! Or even go check out my profile picture album! {If your responding to me in a thread, please quote me }

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