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Default Re: Reality Game Shows (Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc...)

Originally Posted by Emerald Dream View Post
TAR finale = anticlimactic letdown after a decent season
I finally got around to watching this last night, nearly 2 weeks after recording it. Couldn't agree more with the finale, no lead change from start to finish and nobody ever looking like catching the winners. Also on that note, can't stand who won, Brooke irritated me something shocking week in and week out. ....In good news though Ch10 are advertising Australian Survivor heavily and the impression given is that it's going to be a Survivor with game players this time, which is a relief from the previous season where game players were punished and the ones there for 'adventure' took control and made it boring. Hopefully we'll have at least same basic twists like the "drop your buffs" plays to mix things up. Hoping it will air by month's end.


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